Why hire us

"Market research with maximum scope, without losing detail."

I am Victoria Scarpato, a qualitative market analyst from Barcelona (Spain) with more than 20 years’ experience in the FMCG, health, B2B and nonprofit sectors. But with Victoria Scarpato Research I go even further in my quest for a deeper understanding of human behavior.

My eager and curious nature has led to this qualitative market researcher DNA being complemented by a trend hunter attitude, a strategic planner mentality, and the creative spirit of a design thinker.

My collaborative nature has led me to create a talented, diverse, and stable team of independent professionals who accompany me in multi-country projects.

Because, as the writer Robert Heinlein said, "Specialization is for insects."

Qualitative DNA
of the market analyst

We analyze how people feel, think and behave, working on the premise that only by understanding the motives that govern actions can we design truly desirable products and services.

Trend hunter attitude

We detect international and cross-industry trends that are shaping the immediate future, enabling brands to anticipate changes and thereby stay relevant, align with them to gain speed or even become the drivers of change.

Strategic planner

We examine consumers’ perception of brands in order to determine relevant, credible and differential positioning, working on the premise that marketing is not a war of products, but of perceptions.

Design thinker

When the exploratory or projective techniques of market research are not enough, or when the problem to be solved is very complex, we use creative techniques to find fresh, creative and innovative solutions, always in accordance with the needs of the target.

and collaborative nature

In a now globalized market, the solution lies in having professionals who are part of the local culture, allowing us to create powerful brands with a ‘glocal’ character

Always with myself as project coordinator, thus facilitating communication with a single contact on the client side.

Where we operate

Based in Barcelona, Spain, we are specialized in Europe, and we offer services in the rest of the world, thanks to our international team.

Our experience

We have experience in four major sectors:




Third Sector

Who we work for

We work for small, medium and large Brands, Manufacturers, Pharmaceutical Laboratories and Institutions, and we support Consultancies, Marketing Institutes, Field Networks and Advertising Agencies worldwide.