What does qualitative marketing research sound like?

A few months ago, I commented on Linkedin that I wanted for my profession a characteristic sound like sharpeners have.

The responses were most imaginative and evocative!

Aitor Urquijo opted for an oxymoron, the sound of silence: «the sound of the word and silence… a market, a doctor’s office, a bar… and the one who listens… the one who does not speak… The silence between thunder and rain»

Previsión meteorológica en Castelldefels: alerta amarilla por ...

Manuel Villa opted for “a mute siren as a sign of how urgent it is to listen to the other.

Marina Vial imagined «a sound like a breath: shhhhh… (blablabla softly, like in a library)….. shhhhhhh»

Belén Vázquez saw «the absence of one’s own sound and a good ear for everyone else should be what characterizes this profession. (And I have grown up in a land of sharpeners, Ourense, listening to them)»

Paloma Díaz wondered «how about the classic “mm-mmh…” of active listening?»

Emma Corleone

Maybe then putting on a sound is not such a good idea, right? Silence, the best ally of which