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Our extensive experience has allowed us to work over the years with different areas within business to business, analyzing the commercial relationship of companies with other companies in areas as diverse as food & beverages, automotive, beauty, commerce, energy, technology and even sectoral studies.

Studies carried out in b2b

  • Study for understanding the logic behind the coffee supplier choice per venue and the decision maker to guide the action plan for product and value proposition. WATIs in Portugal with decision makers regarding the coffee machines the hotel has.
  • Design thinking groups with workers from a toast manufacturer to develop the innovation plan for all its divisions.
  • Innovation process for the creation of the new product offer of a brand of toasted bread. Design thinking groups with workers
  • Research work on corporate reputation of a beer brand among professionals. Interviews with stakeholders.
  • Post-test of a spirits communication campaign. Focus groups with consumers and interviews with professionals from the economic and general press, advertisers of alcoholic spirits, consumer associations and hospitality schools / hoteliers linked to the program
  • Recruitment of mobility managers; business and innovation managers in service stations; and railway operators for a mobility study.
  • Exploration of possible new profiles of carsharing users, less sensitive to price. Face-to-face focus groups with professionals who travel long distances by car for work.
  • Study on the logistics transport contracting service. Coordination of transcripts of interviews with professionals.
  • Study at the national level on the transport of goods with a view to the promotion of the railway. Interviews with logistics managers and managers of transport companies.
  • Analysis of the motivations and barriers for the use of hair dyes. Face-to-face co-creation interviews with professionals.
  • Analysis of the identity of a professional hairdressing brand. Face-to-face focus groups in Spain and UK with consumers of hair dye and hairdressers.
  • Base study on coloring in the Spanish market. Interviews with hairdressers.
  • Study of the perception of a masculine fragrance. Focus groups with male fragrance consumers and perfume sellers.
  • Study on the opportunities around the economic crisis for a group of food and hygiene brands. Creative workshop with company workers.
  • Analysis of the online discount platform for the various stores attached to shopping centers. Online forum with store owners
  • Innovation process to streamline the mentoring processes of an energy company. Creative workshops for 3 days, with company managers and workers
  • Study on the energies in the housing reforms market. Ethnographic interviews with people who have done renovations at home and shadowing with renovation professionals.
  • Market analysis of photovoltaic panels. Focus groups with system integrators, electrical / solar distributors, architects and real estate developers.
  • Segmentation study of visitors to different professional fairs in Barcelona. Desk research and in-depth personal interviews with the managers of each salon
  • Study on the Social Responsibility of Companies (CSR). Interviews with company managers
  • Accounting software study analyzing the different business aspirations and challenges when it comes to managing finances. Online focus groups in Portugal with business owner or the decision maker for the accounting software/method used in the business.
  • Cross-border trade study of a website for the auction of products over the Internet. Video interviews with sellers in Spain.
  • Study about the purchase of printing, scanning and labelling products in Spain. IDIs with wholesaler/retailers
  • Evaluation of digital tools and digital interactions of a tire manufacturer. In-depth interviews with managers and operational staff.
  • Analysis of trends to stimulate reflection and debate on tourism in Spain in the Think Tanks organized by an online search engine with prominent members of the Spanish tourism industry.
  • Satisfaction study of the product and after-sales service of Alojapro’s Channel Manager Yield Planet booking engine. Surveys and in-depth interviews with professionals
  • Image study and positioning of a brand of household appliances. In-depth interviews with consumers and mustery shopping with professionals
  • Aloja Pro pre-test, from Mayans Soft, a new online marketing agency specialized in hotels. Interviews with reception / reservation managers, hotel managers / owners and commercial directors of the Internet channel, booking engine users
  • Study on a name change for a manufacturer of high, medium and low voltage products for the distribution, protection, control and management of electrical systems. Interviews with builders, installers, distributors, engineering companies and end users
  • Monitoring of the customer experience of the fiber optic manufacturer Optral, nationally and internationally. In-depth telephone interviews and CATI telephone tracking with professional fiber optic users from Spain, the United Kingdom, France, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Poland and Switzerland
  • Follow-up of the implementation process of the proposed improvements after the lean service analysis carried out at the fiber optic cable company Optral. Interviews with the managers of the various departments of the company as well as analysis of workflows and client management
  • Pre-test of the new positioning of a digital data management services company. Interviews with IT directors/VPs, DMS audience (Functional Department Heads, such as Vice Director/Head of Human Resources, Vice Director/Director of Finance, Legal Consultant, Compliance Officer)
  • Analysis of the experience of the mobile mail client. Interviews with professional mobile phone users.
  • Pre-test of fixed and mobile telephone rates for professionals. Focus groups with those responsible for contracting the company’s ADSL

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