Since when and why does CX have its own entity, beyond market research?

I had been constantly hearing about CX or customer experience for some time, as a new science. I, as a qualitative market analyst, had always analyzed experience as one more item. What had happened that he was now gaining such prominence? With that doubt in mind, I went to the CX Xplorers event organized by […]

Freelances and startups, the perfect marriage?

The multiple events on open innovation that I attended during the Barcelona Tech City week resulted in a few meetings with startups at Pier01, as a freelance design thinker and qualitative market analyst. Before going in, I had a coffee in the building’s cafeteria, and I was surprised to see young entrepreneurs talking with business […]

Women in Big data… and the small data?

The event this past March 2020 was great, the first edition of Women In Big Data at the Cisco Co-innovation Center in Barcelona, with the collaboration of Núria Jordi from Cisco, María de Olano and Anna Closas from Salesforce, and Nahia Orduña from vodafone Learnings: 1) We are in the 4th Industrial Revolution, which has […]

My brain is my software

Currently, as a qualitative market researcher and design thinker, my brain is my software. I have been thinking about the present and future of qualitative research for a long time, given the constant advances in AI that will increasingly improve software to analyze qualitative information. In the last talks I have attended, they have recommended […]

Is there innovation without research?

Have you heard of the Overcome Driven Innovation (ODI) methodology, a way of applying the somewhat more well-known Jobs to be done (JTBD)? Today a client has asked me to apply this innovation methodology and I must admit that I did not know it. I have talked to all my contacts in Design thinking and […]

Warm up and energizers for remote Design Thinking

I loved this energizer that Mural proposes to activate the participants of a long online Design Thinking session. Recognize the sound: Here is a link to a free BBC sound file: And for the warm-up, I prefer: a) For teams that are not previously known: Draw your neighbor: 1) Assign each team member someone […]

My alphabet of qualitative market research:

A mind blowing attitude analysis. B for briefing, bulletin boards and brainstorming with a sandwich. C for coordination of recruitment by classification, purchase and consumption criteria. D for the SWOT deadline for the debrief. E of special study with ethnographic interview. F for focus groups on facilities. G for perk and gifts. H from […]

Software for computer-aided qualitative analysis (CAQDAS) or “head” analysis?

This is the second time that a university professor has asked me for a study / talk that includes a program / software for computer-assisted qualitative analysis (Computer Assisted/Aided Qualitative Data Analysis Software – CAQDAS), such as Atlas.ti or Nlive. And in both cases, I have commented that, although I know them, I do not […]

What does qualitative marketing research sound like?

A few months ago, I commented on Linkedin that I wanted for my profession a characteristic sound like sharpeners have. The responses were most imaginative and evocative! Aitor Urquijo opted for an oxymoron, the sound of silence: «the sound of the word and silence… a market, a doctor’s office, a bar… and the one who […]