Crocodiles in Venice or the quarantine in consumption

Li Edelkoort from PejGroup LLC speaks in this article ( of quarantine in consumption: “This means that the virus will show how slowing down and shutting down can produce a better environment that will surely be visible on a large scale.”

Which leads me to reflect that, once people have seen the radical and very rapid positive consequences that the slowdown also has, it will be difficult for us to return to what we were before.

Seeing how swans or even crocodiles return to the canals of Venice, or seeing how the air is now breathable again in China, it is impossible not to leave an indelible mark on people, which translates into new behavior as consumers.

I recently wrote here about how difficult it was for brands in Spain to carry out an eco-friendly action without being accused of being opportunistic or even hypocritical (green-washing).

However, as soon as we get out of confinement, this perception could have been turned upside down, which, added to the brutal economic recession that will come (and about which nobody seems to want to talk), will become a demand from consumers towards brands.

Will the brands know how to anticipate these changes and keep up?