Is there innovation without research?

Have you heard of the Overcome Driven Innovation (ODI) methodology, a way of applying the somewhat more well-known Jobs to be done (JTBD)?

Today a client has asked me to apply this innovation methodology and I must admit that I did not know it. I have talked to all my contacts in Design thinking and without success. In the end, I have spoken directly with the creative company Strateyn, from Tony Ulwick), located in the USA. And it turns out that they do not have any accredited person here in Spain to apply it.

What I have understood is that it is a step prior to design thinking, under the assumption that this is often like a chicken without a head, where innovation is carried out without a clear previously defined strategy or without knowing the needs of the users. consumers. And it is true that sometimes it happens, although I usually insist on the need for a good previous qualitative work. What the ODI proposes is that, instead of designing an idea and then trying to place it in the market, first you have to know the unmet needs of the consumer (quali phase), then quantify (to see the most important ones) and then design a strategy. Only with this well-defined work will the innovation have any guarantee of success.

What do you think? Do you think that design thinking sins in this sense?