Freelances and startups, the perfect marriage?

The multiple events on open innovation that I attended during the Barcelona Tech City week resulted in a few meetings with startups at Pier01, as a freelance design thinker and qualitative market analyst.

Before going in, I had a coffee in the building’s cafeteria, and I was surprised to see young entrepreneurs talking with business angels about millionaire rounds.

At first I was surprised by the high interest and accessibility for a figure like mine, but then I understood: despite being profiles of super powerful businessmen, who move millions and deal with governments and large companies, they have a mentality and structure that brings them closer to independent consultants:

They advocate horizontal structures.

they are curious, open and receptive to all kinds of inputs.

They know that talent is not only found in large companies.

they are used to open innovation (to the outsourcing of the R&D department).

They usually create teams based on each project, instead of betting on fixed structures.

They value the passion, care and dedication to the project that freelancers put into it.

They usually have very technical training, so they value the more humanistic contribution made from qualitative market research.

They usually come from all corners of the world, so they are very open to contacting local professionals.

Does it fit you?