My alphabet of qualitative market research:

A mind blowing attitude analysis.

B for briefing, bulletin boards and brainstorming with a sandwich.

C for coordination of recruitment by classification, purchase and consumption criteria.

D for the SWOT deadline for the debrief.

E of special study with ethnographic interview.

F for focus groups on facilities.

G for perk and gifts.

H from I don’t do hall-tests in hotels or healthcare.

I report with priceless insights, but incentivized.

J from

K for key findings.

L to read between the lines.

M often brown of mobil research in multicountry market with doctors.

No neuromarketing or netnography at all.

Or eight thousand eyes watching the object online.

P of participant profiles presented in the Power Point template.

Q of who does what?

R for round report writing.

S of segmentation yes or yes.

T for note taking and transcription to the top for the Topline.

U of UE5 with Unilever.

V for Victoria’s Team.

W for wow with the workshop

X of x-rays to solve for x.

Y for right now or better for yesterday

Z for zzzzzzzzz…