Our experience

Third Sector

In our years of experience, we have been fortunate to work with and support organizations, entities and civil society groups that provide nonprofit services, to help them in their need for greater reach or their long-term viability.

In this area we have worked with the public, social and political sector, governments and NGOs, as well as with culture, sports and education.

Studies carried out in the third sector

  • Pre-test of web usability of the digital tool “tramit@facil” for the website of the Barkaldo City Council (Basque Country, Spain). Creative workshops with citizens of Barakaldo.
  • Study of the attitudes and opinions of the people of Barcelona regarding the city of Barcelona. Face-to-face focus groups with citizens and experts.
  • Study on the opinion and perception of the citizen about the municipality of Prat de Llobregat. Focus groups with citizens
  • Study for the European Economic Union (UEE) on restructuring and employment. Interviews with people who have lost their jobs as a result of restructuring in their company
  • Study to describe the changes in attitudes and behavior of the population. Ethnographic interviews with Spanish citizens.
  • Design of sustainability indicators for an NGO
  • Analysis of the young target in Spain for a pay music television channel. Entographic study with video tasks and interviews
  • Research to collect opinions on athletics / “circuit and mountain”. Focus groups with athletics fans and sports fans
  • Image study and image positioning of a football association. Focus groups with soccer fans
  • Help in the treatment and analysis of qualitative data from a doctoral thesis presented at DECUBIAF, of the National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia (INEFC). Work sessions with the doctoral student and the directors
  • Study of the brand image of various private schools. Face-to-face focus groups with students
  • Study on the future acceptance of reading for a publisher. Face-to-face focus groups with teachers, tutors, study coordinators, educators and school psychologists
  • Post-test of an education and nutrition program aimed at schools. Interviews with heads of public and private schools enrolled in the program
  • Study of the interest and needs of university education in the elderly of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona. Focus groups with older people

Experience in other sectors

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