UOCmeet monograph on brand communities

Interesting UOCmeet (October 2012) with presentations by Albert Castellón (General Director of Moritz) and Javier Velilla (Managing Partner of the strategic communication consultancy Comuniza). There you see me in the front row, very attentive.

I also attach the video of the conference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuDAoAJ37vg&feature=youtu.be

For those who are curious, at minute 1.10.00 they both answer the question: How do you think market research is linked to the creation of brands? In other words, in this new way of approaching communication, which instead of “saying” becomes “doing”, I wonder if market research is of any use. Do you have an alternative tool to market research to be more certain about the actions that are carried out?