What we offer

Our method

We offer qualitative market research, trend analysis, strategic planning and innovation services. Our method is characterized by:

1º. Approach

In-depth analysis of human behavior and desire is the foundation of any study.

2º. Diagnosis

Precise identification of the problem to be solved.

3º. Proposal

We consider several alternatives to ensure the best approach is chosen.

4º. Continuous support

In-depth analysis of human behavior and desire is the foundation of any study.


In-depth analysis of human behavior and desire is the foundation of any study.

The main distinguishing feature of our approach is the consideration that an in-depth analysis of human behavior and desire is always essential, whether it is a market research study, a trend analysis, strategic planning or an innovation project.

It is not only a matter of knowing WHAT people do (based on observing their behavior and listening to their descriptive discourse) but, above all, of understanding WHY they behave as they do; that is, understanding the deeper discourse, where underlying motives are hidden, linked to people’s latent desires.

Detecting latent needs

Understanding unconscious aspects that are being satisfied

Detecting underlying emotions

Understanding the imagination that is deployed

This is necessary because people are not consistent and we ‘lie’, voluntarily and involuntarily; that is, we can SAY or DO one thing, but THINK or FEEL another. This happens because first we FEEL, and only then do we THINK, SAY and DO. In other words, people buy based on feelings, and only later do we use reason to justify our purchase.

Because only by accessing these latent desires can we be sure that we are understanding our consumer, and therefore ensure that the company’s decision making is based on factors that truly mobilize the target.


Precise identification of the problem to be solved

The starting point of any study is to understand my client’s needs in depth, in a true strategic partner relationship. I dedicate the time needed to understand your reality, as well as the reason that has led to the need for a study. It is not only about knowing the objectives of the study, the starting hypothesis or the circumstances; I also help my client to define the problem to be solved in a clear, concise and strategic way.

Because, as the Chinese proverb says, ‘50% of an answer is in the question itself’.


We consider several alternatives to ensure the best approach is chosen.

Once the problem to be solved is clear, it is observed from all perspectives to determine the best possible approach. Here, my more than 20 years of experience and my neo-generalist background, with expertise in research, trend analysis, strategy and innovation, provide a great competitive advantage in determining which methodological approach is the most suitable. While I understand that research must always be at the core of any project, at times a multi-pronged approach is required, or it is necessary to complement the qualitative analysis of insight and small data with a quantitative or big data analysis. For this, I also have partners who work with me whenever necessary.

Because planning a study is not about choosing the latest methodology or technique, but about finding the best approach.

Continuous support

I always personally coordinate all projects from start to finish

If there is one thing that characterizes my way of working, it is the monitoring of the whole process and the continuous communication with my client. Being an independent analyst gives me the opportunity to get involved in and nurture every part of the process, as well as to exchange feedback continuously with my client on any phase of the project. I believe this is the only way to ensure the success of a study.

That, and a proactive and positive approach, always geared towards anticipating problems or solving them if they should arise.

Because I believe that the best way to avoid or solve unforeseen events is to be there to detect them in time, always facing them with a ‘what if…?’ attitude.

What our clients say

I have worked with Viki on several occasions for qualitative studies and I am sure I will do so again in the future. I am very satisfied with her professionalism and her efficiency, availability and decisiveness. Highly recommended.

Ainhoa Vergara

Marketing Manager
Brioche Pasquier España
Food Company

I have collaborated with Victoria on several occasions, hiring her as a moderator and analyst From my point of view as a field coordinator, she has always had a very positive attitude, totally dedicated to making projects run perfectly.

In addition to being extremely flexible, she can be relied upon 100%. Victoria is, without a doubt, very professional and decisive. Working with her has always been a pleasure for me.

Anne Cassuto

Field Manager and Market Researcher

I have worked with Victoria on several projects as a freelancer. I appreciate her positive and calm attitude in all phases of a project, even the most difficult ones. She is a kind, reliable and very present research director.

Laura Perilli

Senior Research and Marketing Executive

I would highlight the following qualities of Victoria:

– Very good ability to get involved in new projects, both small and large studies.

– Her positive and enthusiastic attitude towards the challenges posed by research.

– Her desire to share and involve other colleagues from the sector.

– Her meticulousness in the preparation of all phases of a project.

Xavi Porteros

Qualitative Analyst
Qualitative and social research